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postheadericon What should you expect for your bankruptcy consultation?



What to expect at your bankruptcy consultation.

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What is the goal of the bankruptcy consultation?

The main focus at our first meeting is to discuss your situation.  I also want you to get to know me.  If you are going to be hiring me as your attorney, you should be able to trust me.  Since a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy are complicated legal procedures, we should have a trusting work relationship.

Of course, I will be doing a legal analysis of your case.  I will make an initial determination on whether you should be filing for chapter7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  I want you to be fully informed of your options and the next steps in the process.


Do you offer a free bankruptcy consultation?

Yes!  You have obligation to do anything the day we meet.  However, I generally encourage you to bring in a modest down-payment to retain me.  If you decide the day we meet to hire me as your attorney, I want you to be ready to go.  Once you’ve hired me, you can give my contact information to any creditors who are calling you.  I will gladly take creditor calls so that you don’t have so much pressure on you.


What do I need for my bankruptcy consultation?

Not much!  However, you can gather some information for me to move things along efficiently.

  1. Some recent pay stubs.  Ultimately, I will ask for a full seven months of pay stubs, but you don’t have to have them now.
  2. The last two tax returns you filed.  Again, you don’t have to have these now, but if you do, that’s great.
  3. A list of debts.  I will pull a credit report, but if you may have information about this you want to share with me.
  4. The Home Inventory Form.  We have to disclose the value of your assets to the bankruptcy court, and this form helps us value your personal property.  Please estimate the value of your individual household items at their USED value, which is significantly less than what you paid for it (a used couch might be worth only $50 to someone else, and an older TV might be worth only $20).   Most of my clients have less than $3000 worth of furniture, appliances, and clothing.

And, although the bankruptcy consultation is free, you should be ready to put down $100 or more to hire me when we meet.  It isn’t required.  However, if you want to hire me to represent you, you can start sending creditor calls to me right away.

Where are you located?

My office is at 8917 Gravois Rd, St. Louis County, MO.  My office is located about two blocks from Weber Road.  If you know where Federhofer’s Bakery is, then you already know where I am located since I am a block away.  You can park in front of my building on the paved surface.  My office is upstairs.

Sean C. Paul, Bankruptcy Attorney St. Louis - set a bankruptcy consultation today!

Sean C. Paul, Bankruptcy Attorney St. Louis – set a bankruptcy consultation today!

Sean C. Paul is licensed to practice law in the State of Missouri.  He practices in the Federal Courts of the Eastern District of Missouri, the Southern District of Illinois, and the Central District of Illinois.

Sean C. Paul will give you the individual attention you deserve.  He offers a free bankruptcy consultation.  He wants to help you make the best choice, whether it’s a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, or something else entirely.