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postheadericon When to file for bankruptcy

When to file for bankruptcy

When you finally reach the conclusion that you can no longer pay your debts, you need to start searching for a good bankruptcy attorney.  You will certainly know when this is.  When you have started to miss payments because you need all of  your funds just to survive, it may be time to consider seeking bankruptcy.

If you have started to miss house payments and car payments because you are paying credit cards, you are probably already past the point of needing bankruptcy help.

Don’t wait until you lose your house or car.  Call today to seek help.


Sean C. Paul, Attorney, can help you buy a car after bankruptcy!

Sean C. Paul is licensed to practice law in the State of Missouri. His practice is located in south St. Louis County, Missouri. He can help you with your Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy case.  Talk to Sean about scheduling a bankruptcy strategy session.

Sean C. Paul will give you the individual attention you deserve. He will meet with you one-on-one to determine how he can help you. If you are considering filing bankruptcy in Missouri, please call today.

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