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postheadericon Back to work? Do you still need a St. Louis bankruptcy attorney?

I’m back to work. Do I still need a St. Louis bankruptcy attorney?


Things are looking up for you and for many people.  That is great news for many who have been out of work for a while or who have lost income.  However, you may have two or three years of missed payments and accumulated debts now.  I think it would be bad for you if you tried to pay those on your own.  You need to get out of debt and rebuild!

After being out of work for so long, you need to build up a savings again and plan for retirement.  How can a St. Louis bankruptcy attorney help you do that?  By helping you put that last few years behind you!  In order to truly move forward, you need to get out of debt and have a fresh financial start.

If you have been missing credit card payments for two years, you are probably in danger of being sued and garnished.  Creditors are certainly calling you looking for a payment.  As much as I wish having a job now would fix all of your problems, it won’t.  You are certainly on the right path, but you could still use my help to get out of debt.


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