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postheadericon Foreclosure prevention in Missouri

If you are dealing with potential foreclosure or simply behind on house payments, you should contact your lender to find out your options. Sometimes lenders have deferment or modification programs. These in-house programs are designed to help you save your home and avoid litigation or bankruptcy.

When working with your lender fails, call a St Francois County Foreclosure and Bankruptcy Attorney!

However, sometimes seeking a modification and a refinance can be a frustrating experience and may not lead you to the foreclosure help you are needing.  If you are behind on mortgage payments, but feel like you can afford your home – if only you could get caught up again – a St. Francois County Chapter 13 Bankruptcy attorney may be able to offer you the foreclosure help you need under Chapter 13 of the bankruptcy code.  A bankruptcy will stop foreclosure and all other collection attempts.  You can eliminate debts that you are struggling with while repaying missed payments on your home.   Unfortunately, the bankruptcy court cannot lower your regular monthly payments; however, it can help you get current on your mortgage, which may be all the foreclosure help you need!

But even if you feel like your mortgage payment is too high, you should still contact a St. Francois County Foreclosure and Bankruptcy Attorney and discuss Chapter 13 Bankruptcy relief.  If you can stop foreclosure by filing for bankruptcy relief, you may then be able to try to qualify for a modification of your note under the program described above.  The St. Louis Chapter 13 Bankruptcy attorney may be able to assist you in getting this modification once you have gotten yourself under the protection of the bankruptcy court.  While the bankruptcy court cannot force the modification, the chapter 13 bankruptcy filing may give you the time you need to work something out with your lender.

Bankruptcy is NOT a dirty word.  You should not fear this process.  Call and get expert guidance today!  Sean C. Paul, a St. Francois County Foreclosure and Bankruptcy Attorney who can help you with Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, is waiting to help!

Take a look at my reviews so that you can feel better about your decision to hire me as your Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney St. Francois County.

Sean C. Paul, St. Louis Bankruptcy Attorney -  St. Louis Foreclosure Help
Sean C. Paul, St. Francois County Foreclosure and Bankruptcy Attorney, can help you save your home from foreclosure.

Sean C. Paul is licensed to practice law in the State of Missouri, and has been admitted to practice in the Federal Courts of the Eastern District of Missouri, the Southern District of Illinois, and the Central District of Illinois. He worked for one of the largest firms in the country as a bankruptcy attorney before starting this firm.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy may be a GREAT option for you.  Don’t lose your home to foreclosure.  Call Sean today!