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postheadericon Is bankruptcy a good option for me?

St. Louis bankruptcy attorney – how bankruptcy can HELP!

Many people have heard the myths surrounding bankruptcy: “I will destroy my credit for 10 years!” “I will never be able to buy a car or a house!” But are these statements really true? The answer may surprise you, and you should talk to a St. Louis bankruptcy attorney before you disregard bankruptcy as an option.

You need to first consider what your credit score looks like now. Do you have a good credit score right now? Consider that if you have large balances on several accounts, and that if these accounts are past due, then your credit score has already suffered. So, why be concerned about a bankruptcy that will “destroy your credit” if your credit is already destroyed by NOT filing bankruptcy?

Consider this: if you keep doing what you are doing now, you may work on your credit score and NEVER see an improvement. If you have high balances, and you are missing payments, you may not be able to get your credit score up. Instead, you will struggle month after month and year after year, without seeing any real improvement. However, if you file a bankruptcy case, you will eliminate the factors that hurt your score the most: high balances and missed payments.

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So, ironically, bankruptcy may be the best way to help your credit. The choice can easily be broken down to these: continue as you are for many years without ever significantly improving your credit score, or file a bankruptcy and get to work on improving your score right away.

While the details of your situation are undoubtedly more complex than the simple choice I outlined above, you have to step back and look at the bigger picture. If you are just treading water, and you don’t see a major financial improvement on the horizon, then consulting a St. Louis Bankruptcy Attorney may be your best option.

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